About Mista Nicolaz

Mista Nicolaz is an infamous Club DJ/Composer based in the Netherlands in Amsterdam and in Spain in Valencia. As well as wowing Amsterdam and Valencia, Mista Nicolaz has also played in Barcelona (Discotheque, Catwalk, Risco), Madrid (Rococo, Manhattan, Copérnico) and Benidorm (KU, Club Manssion, Penelope). Mista Nicolaz may be known as ‘The Lord of House’, a moniker given to him by renowned Fun Radio DJ Neil Soul, but Mista Nicolaz has an anarchist streak a mile wide and punk in his soul, having no truck with establishment figures or authoritarianism.

A hard working purist, forward thinking futurist, technology geek, Dutch, and gadget lover who embraced the digital revolution in an early stage while his peers where still sniffing the smell of vinyl, a format he hasn’t used professionally in eleven years. It’s unsurprising he revels in the libertarianism of the World Wide Web. It gives symmetry to his savvy house vision. As an official ambassador for global brands, Mista Nicolaz will continue his newfound love for making music until his last breath, gather airmiles by the gallon and preach his vision on house both on the decks and on the radio, whilst never forgetting the long and bumpy journey he had to undertake to get where he is now: on top of the game, respected by both fans and peers and very much relevant in today’s scene. Mista Nicolaz might be established, but he will never be establishment.

Are you a singer, looking for a good song? Contact Mista Nicolaz and he’ll create something that didn’t exist 5 minutes ago. He’ll make something, especially for you. A song that no one ever heard before. Are you just a music lover? In that case… lots of pleasure with listening to his songs. Because he doesn’t make music for your eyes….. He makes music for your ears!